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Course Review: Click Through Rate Manipulation – Chris Palmer SEO

What is Click Through Rate Manipulation?

CTR manipulation is used to appear as organic click through and traffic. Click through rate manipulation can be utilized by webmasters as a traffic strategy.Understanding what CTR means you need to understand that click-through rate is first divided from the amount of traffic or impressions a website or ad receives. By manipulating click-through you are increasing the threshold of clicks to the ratio of impressions for a given keyword increasing the web assets popularity. This CTR search engine optimization technique mimics user behavior along with user-generated signals to deceive search engine into believing a website is more authoritative than it is.

Chris Palmer CTR Bulk Training : Click Through Rate CTR-Manipulation SEO Training

How to manipulate CTR without traffic bots

Some experts manipulate click-through with traffic bots but these SEO tactics are a bit dated.Now instead of generating traffic through traffic bots or click bots. SEO experts are utilizing services that deploy real people (allegedly)that are performing small tasks or micro jobs on your behalf services such as Micro-Workers or Mechanical Turk. Some of these services are as little as 0.2 cents but some of the traffic bots along with service over the year can range from 1,000 to 5,000 or more. Traffic bots along with these services are being used by SEO’s to send traffic and clicks to websites or applications . However by utilizing real IP ranges and real people your getting the best of both instances including a traffic and CTR bot mixed into one advanced CTR SEO manipulation strategy.

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