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Course Review: Christian McQueen & Andrew Tate – How To Be a G Sales Video

This site has missed a valuable opportunity to acquire a very legit info product in where Andrew Tate (@cobratate instagram) participated with Christian Mc Queen

They are running Mafia business in Eastern Europe while having being TOTAL STRANGERS in the country before.

They came, they saw and they CONQUERED.

They even hold DIPLOMATIC PASSPORTS from Romania (Immunity from arrest and VIP Treatment anywhere you will do Migrations in the World)
They keep adding exotic cars to their fleet -Bentleys, Aston Martins, Lambos etc- and I have my doubts that they purchased credit because of funds legitimacy- most probably all paid up in CASH.

They live like ROYALTY and flaunt their wealth with total safety in a country that is NOTORIOUSLY UNSAFE and DANGEROUS.

They also know the Europe party scene inside out where the Hottest Babes hang out and are magnetically attracted to Gs (in attitude, mindset and money wise)

Even if you didn’t choose that path in life, wouldn’t you like to have that INDESTRUCTIBLE MINDSET that would enable you to do things like that?

And although most of you wouldnt like to become a mobster, their rock-solid, domination and toughness mindset is what sets them apart, makes them successful, get laid and paid.

Who wouldn’t like to have something like this rub off on you?

No more pickup artistry bullshitting and wasting time chasing women.

The deal is the following: The course has been closed, and it was built via a clickfunnels page but I managed to get an archived page of it, extract the the sales video (which I am uploading in the torrent) and a checkout page.

If you guys want to pitch in for a 10 to 20 people Group-Buy experiment for $25 to $50 to see whether if we can access the course even after it has been closed, im in, and state your intent in the comments.
I will create a new post in the GB Request Forum and get a Reputable Organizer for it.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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