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Course Review: Christian Goodman – The Blue Heron Brain Booster Program

Everyone has a momentary lapse in memory once in a while. Sometimes, it is as simple as forgetting where the car keys were left, although, at other times, it can be much more serious. Attributing the problem to lack of sleep or having a lot on the mind is typical, and most people don’t give a second thought to the issue. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always this simple. Understanding how the mind works can reveal if this forgotten memory has to do with the stress that an individual is under or if it is something more.

During a new program called The Brain Booster, consumers are asked to leap of faith to find out what’s really going on. The creator specifically says that he feels sharper than he formerly did when he was younger, even though the doctor he saw claimed that the changes he experienced were simply a matter of getting older.

Users are taken through a series of different exercises that maximize blood flow and oxygenation in the brain. Every one of the techniques can be done laying down or sitting up, and they can even be done while engaging in other activities. Each of these exercises plays a role in blood flow, and they are straightforward.

As far as oxygenating the brain properly, The Brain Booster seemingly has a powerful method of directly moving the blood to different parts of the brain. Essentially, it diverts the oxygen and nutrients to where it needs to go. The practice only takes a couple of minutes a day and delivers oxygen to the brain areas that typically do not get enough of it.

By engaging in this program, creator Christian Goodman says that it takes about three to four days to feel the effects entirely.

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