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Course Review: Chris Palmer – CTR and Traffic Manipulation Network Training

Learn SEO and get SEO training with expert SEO consultant Chris Palmer. Learn SEO and internet marketing,digital marketing, local SEO , SEO testing wrapped into daily SEO tips, SEO strategies, SEM techniques and more!

The goal is to have a go-to SEO and Digital Marketing Podcast. The focus of the shows are to help you learn SEO, SEO testing , teaching SEO through testing along with other topics like affiliate marketing, social media, strategy, tools, Teaching through testing so you do not have to. Learn with your host Chris Palmer SEO.
What’s included in this course?
33 videos
Let’s Get Started
Welcome to the CTR & Traffic Manipulation Network Training
The Entire Manipulation Process Overview
The Entire Scaled Manipulation Process Overview
What Equipment You Need To Setup Your Network
Equipment and Setup
The First Layer OF Your Network
The Physical Network Layer
Let Me Explain…
Let Me Explain This.
Why We Create The Private Network
Why We Don’t Buy Proxies
My Travel Club Client Setup
How To Always Have A Fresh IP
The Network Setup
Overview Of Next (2) Sections
The Core Of Your Network
Network Setup For PC Communication
A Resource If Your Stuck
The Second Layer OF Your Network
Navigation Of Environment
Environment Needs For Network(s)
Element Basics
Creation Of A Element
Whats Inside Your Element
Necessary Step For Proper Deployment
Checking The OS Version
A Must Have For Local Manipulation
Let’s Scale Your Network
Scaled Network Server Recommendations
Scaled Network IP & Proxy Recommendations
Steps To Get Connected
The Connection
Server vs Home PC
You Need This For Scaled Environment
Environment Inside The Environment
How to Multi-Task

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