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Course Review: Cherry Loudon – Buying and Selling Domain Names

“I know there’s a way for me to make money on the internet…”
“So why haven’t I figured it out yet?”
“Stop typing how to make money online”
Who wouldn’t want to make cash on the internet? But what if you haven’t been able to figure out HOW your skills apply?

It’s such a common occurrence. We all know that we have what it takes to earn some side hustle money using our browser and an internet connection.

People every day want to make a profit without leaving home; have a source of income that isn’t based on your job; make money from the multi-decade digital landrush of humanity onto the internet.

And you know that there’s room for you.

But there are often a lot of problems in reality: e-commerce, drop-shipping: these businesses aren’t really internet-based; they require inventory, large upfront investments. But you know there are more opportunities than that.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Are all businesses going to exist on the internet someday?
I have a great idea for a website: how do I get the name I need?
How do people buy domains? Are there reputable vendors?
Are there tools I need to know to buy domains?
How can I be safe buying and selling domains on the internet? Isn’t it the wild west?
How can I get started if I don’t have a ton of cash sitting around?
Is this a lot of work?
The Buying and Selling Domain names for big cash profits pdf has all the answers.

If there’s one common thought here it is: how do I get started on my best foot and do I want to do it WITHOUT risking a ton of money.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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