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Course Review: Chase Chappell – Facebook Ads Mastery

What Is The 4-Phase System?

Phase One:
The Fundamentals
Learning and understanding guiding principles when creating successful Facebook ads. Understanding the certain metrics that create the system behind the data-driven method.

6 videos
2.5 hours
Phase Two:
Chaos vs. Clarity
How to use data-driven decision-making when making changes to your campaigns, ad sets, and ads, all purely based off data.
What makes a winning creative. AND Learn how to completely removing any emotion, intuition, or personal experience.

7 videos
4 hours
Phase Three:
High vs. Low Performers
Understanding the protocols for cutting ads and ad sets. In here we cover the exact rounds of cuts we make to ultimately remove low performers in the ads & ad sets so we can raise our results, and lower our overall cost per result.

4 videos
2.5 hours
Phase Four:
When, and How to Scale
We uncover scaling methods to rapidly increase your results. How to scale without resetting the learning phase. Knowing how to consistently scale campaigns/ad sets on a daily basis, and without significantly raising your cost per result.

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