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Course Review: Charm Offensive – Facebook Group Blueprint 2.0

If you want to learn how to start, grow, and monetise an engaged & profitable Facebook Group, you should read on…

This ebook & video training will show you how to:
Create ‘Theme Streams’ so your community think “a-ha, I’ll share that on {your excellent group}” when they see content that’s perfect for your members.
Create a culture where people share their success stories, inspiring other group members to take action (driving sales), and further boosting your credibility (persuasive social proof).
A blueprint for the first 90 days of running your group. The type of content to post. The growth tactics to use. And how to launch your first small product.
Get people to voluntarily share relevant content, questions, success stories, and their own contributions.
Curate content that genuinely helps your audience, while demonstrating your knowledge and boosting your credibility in the process.
How to schedule regularly highly-engaging content to ensure your audience is entertained.
Create playful promotional posts that people enjoy responding to, leading to massive engagement and huge reach.
Welcome your new group members in a way that gets attention, makes them smile, and gets them to write their first comment.
Figure out what products to make and if your audience will pay for them.
Learn the most efficient way to build new products and sell them quickly.
Generate inbound leads for one to one client work. You don’t have to sell information products to make running a Facebook Group worthwhile.
An overview of my first attempts at monetising Charm Offensive. The good, the bad, and the desperate.
How to quickly create enough information products that people will pay a monthly subscription fee to access all of them.
How to get inspiration from your own digital content consumption and use it to create relevant content that your audience can use to help improve their craft.
How to build goodwill with your audience, and have them excited for your plans and successes.
Invite the perfect ideal prospects to your group using LinkedIn’s extremely granular search functionality.
Use your personal profile to promote your group and increase its membership.
Also includes the original Facebook Group Blueprint 1.0 training for FREE (value £199).

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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