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Course Review: Charles Floate – SEO Side Hustle (Ebook)

“The experts” make SEO look like a mystic mix of maths, magic and computer science. They know that the more difficult people think SEO is, the more people will stay away–and the more people who stay away means more money, control and clients for them.

Sure, it’s a scarcity-based mindset but it works.

How Do I Know?

Because whenever guys talk about making money online, they mention:

Facebook ads
Email marketing
But they never talk about search engine optimization–a location independent skill with average yearly earnings of $81,000 dollars. And that’s just if you’re average.

If you learn SEO the right way from the right people, it’s an easy 6 figure income as a freelancer and even more if you use it to build up multiple websites that will be cash producing assets for as long as you live.

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