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Course Review: Charles Floate – Omniscient OnPage SEO 2021

Why does every course, every blog post and every YouTube video from every SEO ever, claim you can only ever achieve “near-perfect” OnPage?

Perfection is an illusion and unattainable.

The only measurement of perfection in SEO is being at the top of the rankings…

And that is extremely attainable.

Become An All-Knowing OnPage SEO Expert
SEO experts and the SEO news websites make out that Google has some sort of all-seeing eye, rather than the very simplistic bot that sees the exact same things that we do.

In this eBook, I lay out every factor that Google takes into consideration when looking at your pages and your website… And even show you the ones they don’t.

I’ll give you the exact strategy that I have perfected over the last decade that can be adapted and applied to any website and any niche.

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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