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Course Review: Bruce Whipple – QLA For 2021 Boot Camp

Dear Fellow QLA Devotees:

I have a quick story I want to share with you.

But before I do ask yourself…

How committed are you to making your dreams come true?

Would you be willing to put your financial life on the line?

Recently, I had an eye-opening conversation with a particular guy who was ready to start his QLA journey.

He signed up for one of my free 15-minute one-on-one calls and showed lots of promise.

 In fact, I was quite surprised at his level of enthusiasm.

Most who contact me are just looky-loos. But something about this guy was different.

He had that spark you don’t see very often.

So I was pleased to chat with him and get him started down the right path on his QLA journey.

In fact, he passed my first with flying colors, which is a huge plus in my book.

Next, I shared a video from Dan Pena on commitment and he immediately followed my exact instructions.

With each positive interaction my confidence in him was starting to grow.

In my opinion, he also had a strong enough reason for making QLA his main focus in life.

If he didn’t have this, I would have terminated our conversation. But I was ready and willing to take him on board. 

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