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Course Review: Brian Johnson – Optimize Coach

What do YOU want to Optimize first?
Dive into 33+ categories covering all the most important aspects of life. Each one features a collection of PhilosophersNotes on the best books in that domain along with an Optimal Living 101 class that distills the absolute best ideas—giving you more wisdom in less time to help you live your greatest life.

So… what do YOU want to start Optimizing in just minutes a day?!

Explore over 33+ categories on Optimize by Heroic, now FREE!!!:

Ancient Wisdom. Modern Science. Mental Toughness. Habits. Sleep. Stoicism. Buddhism. Purpose. Leadership. Focus. Goal Setting. Productivity. Energy. Peak Performance. Meditation. Nutrition. Weight Loss. Fitness. Breathing. Prosperity. Creativity. Learning. Self-Image. Willpower. Sports. Business. Relationships. Parenting. Public Speaking. Conquer Cancer. Conquer Anxiety. Conquer Depression. Conquer Perfectionism. Conquer Procrastination. Conquer Digital Addiction.

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