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Course Review: Brian David Phillips – Simple Hypnosis

Many hypnotists have an interest in psychic, paranormal, supernatural and metaphysical thought and practice. However, few courses demystify those practices in a clearcut manner that make them practical to use in the form of enhanced intuition techniques in non-metaphysical or contemporary settings. Metaphysical, paranormal, and psychic practices have been shrouded in secrecy for thousands of years, often cloaked in an aura of supernatural power beyond the ken of man. In this course, we will examine the underlying hypnotic operators within many of the practices in order to find how these techniques can be adapted to contemporary settings in practical ways in the form of programmed enhanced intution, stripping away some of the mystique in order to find powerful trance-based changework processes appropriate to today’s clinical and introspective setting. Students will also learn how they can create wholly new trance-based rituals to suit any number of contemporary contexts from clinical to introspective meditation and applied practical contexts.

This is an intensive course in techniques, enhanced intuition hypnosis techniques. Participants should be prepared to leave all their preconceptions at the door and jump into this seminar with imaginations open and ready to experience new worlds and powerful processes.

Course Content :
In this seminar, we will approach various psychic and metaphysical constructs via hypnosis with an eye toward a no-nonsense practical approach to the material, the methods, and the outcome. This is NOT a course in metaphysical or psychic beliefs. Rather, it is a course in psychic and metaphysical hypnosis techniques and methods. While the instructor will explain all of the techniques in a straightforward way and demonstrate them with students practicing every technique, each participant is free to place them within whatever context is appropriate for that person. Your beliefs are your own, but with this course you will learn the techniques which you can place within the context of whatever belief, faith, or science as you wish. We will be looking to a results-oriented approach that focuses on the trance modality toward achieving hypnotic effects that may lead one toward a higher intuitive understanding of metaphysical psychic concepts without blindly accepting broad generalizations. The hypnotic experiences will be clearly placed into the context of hypnosis, suggestion, and effect without jumping to unproven or speculative conclusions. We will be examining these phenomena with very much a “let’s see what is working beneath the effect” and “let’s make certain of our results before making undue claims” . . . this is the enlightened skeptic’s approach to metaphysical trance effects, albeit neither dismissive nor uncritically accepting. While many who teach Out of Body Experience Trance, Distance Seeing, Crystal Gazing, Aura Viewing, Energy Testing, Channeling, and other Psychic and Metaphysical Hypnosis methods believe in the reality of such phenomena, it is important that participants learn how to approach such sessions in a way that ensures that trance sessions are managed in a way so that genuine evidence of extrasensory experience is clearly demonstrated and not merely suggestion confused as reality.

Participants will learn the processes and experience them both as guide and as psychic operator and metaphysical traveler in what will be a truly mind-opening experience of experiential hypnosis within a very strong critical approach. Despite the emphasis on critical inquiry within the conducting of trance processes, the purpose of the course is not to tear apart anyone’s beliefs, rather it is to empower hypnotists with powerful tools for conducting sessions in a way that allows them to more meaningfully distinguish suggestion, phantasy, or confabulation from genuine psychic experience as well as ways to use metaphysical and paranormal constructs in a positive and helpful way regardless of one’s personal faith or beliefs, making the experience much more valuable for both the hypnotist and the trance partner. Above all, this is a skills-based course so participants should be prepared to be open-minded, eager, and willing to learn and set to do the work from the get-go. Participants will learn and begin running critical psychic hypnosis and metaphysical trance processes from day one.

Those who complete this course and meet all other eligibility requirements are qualified for the Specialization Certificate in Metaphysical Hypnosis from the Society of Experiential Trance. All of the skillsets requires for Society certification in this area beyond basic membership are covered in this intensive yet powerfully fulfilling course and more :

Psychic and Metaphysical Trance Constructs
Orientation to Ritual and Imaginative Power: Laboratory, Church, Temple, Coven, Theatre, Politics, Sport, and More
Hypnosis as Formal Ritualized Context
Magickal Thinking, Scientific Thinking, and How to Congruently Combine the Two in Clinical and Introspective Contexts
Eye of Experiential Trance
Clean Language and Session work with Psychic Techniques and Metaphysical Processes (Guiding
versus Leading, etc.)
Astral Projection
Aura Sight
Automatic Drawing
Automatic Writing
Avatars and Archetypes
Channeling and Guide Work
Dream Walking
Engineered Ecstatic Experiences

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