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Course Review: Brand Accelerator – Facebook Ads by Dim Niko

Taught Direct From Those Who Do It Every Day.
Our team has managed well over $10,000,000+ in ads across virtually every platform and vertical. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to scale brands fast.
We’ve taken all our knowledge and put it into one kickass training program. Brand Accelerator is your complete guide to master Facebook Ads, built by the media buyers who are behind the biggest brands you’ve never heard of.
Ready to invest in your business
Here’s The Entire Accelerator Syllabus.
We Don’t Want There to Be Any Surprises On What You’ll Learn.
So We’re Laying It All Out On the Table.
The Basics
Ad account setup, BM set up

  • Page Setup
  • Pixel Setup & Installation
  • Catalog Setup
  • Audience Setup
  • Custom Conversions
    Campaign Structure & Setup
    Ad Types
  • Campaign structure – TOF
  • Campaign structure – MOF
  • Campaign structure – BOF
  • Campaign structure – PP
  • Dynamic Creatives vs Static/Post ID’s
  • Testing
    Beyond the Setup
  • After clicking publish
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Troubleshooting Campaigns
    The Foundations
    Why run Facebook ads
  • Understanding your key metrics
  • [Infinite Marketing Matrix] Profitability vs break even, and strategy
    Factors for Success
  • Your Offer
  • Your funnel
  • Landing pages
  • Ad creatives
  • Ad copy
    Advanced Facebook Advertising
    Manual bidding
  • Scaling
  • Setting rules
  • UTMs
  • 50k/Day Scaling System
    A New Age Direct Response Agency
    We are a direct response agency that helps ecommerce brands crush their competition into a fine powder.
    Most business owners have no idea: Once you build a scaleable model that earns $5 from every $1 spent, there is nothing stopping you from building the business of your dreams.
    And then scaling it to unimaginable heights.
    We create and scale that model for you.

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