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Course Review: Black Rabbit Trader – Smart Money Scalps

What Will Be Taught Ev?!
I’m glad you asked! Here’s what the course curriculum looks like
Scalper’s Psychology
If you’re struggling with the psychological stress from trading, you’re gonna absolutely love scalping. I no longer care about missing trades, getting stopped out, or “big” moves.
Institutional Concepts
No this isn’t your traditional smart money concepts. These are things I’ve learned from actual market makers, who’ve actually manipulated price.
Risk Management
Very crucial to know how to manage risk, and position size correctly. I’ll show you exactly how I do it
When Not To Trade
There’s more to life than a chart and candles. There’s days where you want to stay the hell out of the markets. I’ll show you exactly when that is.

How To Scalp Like A BOSS
You’re going to learn exactly how I scalp. This content is straight to the point, extremely simple, and effective. I take an average of 20-30 trades per day, and win 50-80% of them depending on the day.
Personal Price Delivery Diagram
There are certain setups I hunt for, and it’s more to do with a narrative rather than a pattern. Once you understand the nature of price, you’ll have a great understanding of where to enter a trade with extreme confidence

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