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Course Review: Billy Gene – All Of Billy Gene Update

He’s an experienced marketer with over 25 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. He once worked as a marketing executive at AT&T, where he realized how ineffective their marketing strategies were. He then decided to move on and become a freelance copywriter and consultant for both small and large-scale businesses.

In addition to Billy Gene is Marketing, he also owns an online course called Billy Gene is Sales Training. This one teaches you his proven techniques for using email marketing in different contexts.

His story is pretty cool, and it shows how far hard work can take you.

He has a Masters Degree in Marketing from Indiana University. He is the author of The Sales Museum blog – a place where he frequently offers tips on how to improve your marketing campaigns. He’s been featured in numerous publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, where he was named the “Sales Guru” (he’s also got a lame catchphrase with a typo in it! sell like a geneius).

Judging by his background, not a bad person to learn from, huh?

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