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Course Review: Be A Modern Master by Deborah King

What does it take to become a master of something? What would it mean to finally release your fears, to develop a powerful meditation practice, or to sharpen your unique set of healing abilities and bring them to a higher level of accomplishment?

Mastery includes the process of becoming accomplished through knowledge and practice, gaining control of your inner world, and showing great skill in your actions and your relationships with others and the world around you.

These are all fantastic qualities to strive towards in your daily life, and fortunately, advancements in technology, science, medicine and engineering have brought many of these goals within reach.

But what would it take to become a master of your spiritual life?

People have sought the assistance of spiritual masters throughout the ages. You’ve seen the classic cartoon of the seeker climbing the tallest mountain to ask the Master living all alone on top about the meaning of life. It’s no joke, of course. Spiritual wisdom is real and it resides in all cultures and in all times.

The spiritual science of ancient India, ever-revered in the East, was re-discovered by icons of Western culture (remember when the Beatles went to India?) in the 20th century and interest in yoga, meditation, and musical ritual, like kirtan, blossomed.

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