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Course Review: Astra Pro – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme For WordPress

Multipurpose WordPress themes are designed to be all things to all people. To prove that you can have it all and can use the widest range of designs for any purpose.

This type of WordPress theme takes a lot of design skill to deliver. Templates have to be flexible and have to include enough design freedom to fit any type of website while not losing the aesthetics that drew you to them in the first place. All while delivering a coherent user experience.

We are real fans of the multipurpose WordPress theme. We love the freedom, the flexibility and the features. We like that you can take any design you like and turn it into any type of website you like with minimal effort.

This page showcases 50 of the multipurpose WordPress themes around. We have scoured the internet and tried and tested over a hundred of the bestselling themes to come up with this list. If you’re looking for the best WordPress themes around

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