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Course Review: Asian Efficiency – Productivity Blueprint

Thanh Pham is an internationally recognized productivity authority that has helped hundreds of thousands of people in over 170 countries manage their time, get more freedom and live a productive, successful life.

He was a chronic procrastinator that would always do things last-minute, get easily distracted and never get things done on time. After years of failing to accomplish his goals and being mocked for “least likely to succeed” at annual family dinners, he set out on a journey to reinvent himself and become the person he wanted to be – respected, productive and successful. He jokingly calls that time period the “dark ages” where he worked through hundreds of books, audiobooks and seminars and kept trying out different things to see what did and didn’t work.

Thanh was one of the earliest adopters of Getting Things Done and other various time management systems that became popular around the early 2000s. While these systems worked some of the time, he wasn’t happy with the results he was getting. As he recognized that we were entering a digital age where social networks, smart phones, tablets and cloud technology would dominate and time would be even more scarce, he pioneered many of the best practices, workflows and personal systems that now hundreds of thousands of people use all over the world to live a productive, successful life.

Together with Aaron Lynn, he co-founded Asian Efficiency with the mission to make the world a more productive place, one person at a time.

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