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Course Review: Anton Kreil – Professional Trading Masterclass Instutrade (PTMI)

Who is Anton Kreil?
Anton Kreil is the founder of trading education and asset management company Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. He started his career working at investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and J.P. Morgan. He rose to prominence in 2009 when he and Lex Van Dam hosted reality TV series Million Dollar Traders, where the two attempted to recreate their own version of the Turtle Traders experiment.

Since the release of his first trading course in 2011, he has been in the seminar business. According to Kreil, “almost everything you are taught by brokers and trading educators is rubbish and will never make you a successful trader. This is why 90% of retail traders never stay solvent.”

Anton Kreil Course Overview
Anton Kreil’s Professional Trading Masterclass teaches you Kreil’s trading/investing approach, process, and principles. The course teaches one a basic global macro outlook, that according to Kreil, is similar to an approach that would be taken by a professional hedge fund manager.

His process involves taking a top-down view of global financial markets, as opposed to the more traditional bottom-up approach taken by Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. He gets a view on the world economy by establishing views on currencies, commodities, and interest rates, then a specific nation’s economy, then the industries within that economy, down the specific stocks in those industries.

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