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Course Review: Alex Becker – HCOM 3030

H-Com 3030 is a dropshipping course and mastermind created by Alex Becker. For this third installment of Hero Commerce, Alex partnered with Matthew Schmitt and Devin Zander.

Matt is a successful dropshipper and Print-On-Demand products, while Devin is the founder of Smar7, a company that produces apps used on the Shopify platform.
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H-Com 3030 Course Overview
Introduction to Alex
What H-Com 3030 claims to offer you
The H-Com 3030 Course Breakdown
Is it a worthwhile course?
Review Conclusion
Is dropshipping still an option in 2020?
So, what is the best online business option for 2020?

H-Com 3030 Course Overview
Ranked #13 out of the Top 10 Dropship Courses for 2020 (See full list here)
12 hours 2 minutes
Good content, but not comprehensive.

$1,997 (March 2020)
Alex Becker
Introduction to Alex
Alex Becker is an online entrepreneur, well-known for his YouTube Channel, his collaboration with other online entrepreneurs to create courses, and an author.

Most recently though (March 2020), he is better known for being an extreme minimalist, following a woke way of life. Apparently, Alex sold his house, cars, even his furniture.

Yet, he still has the apartment where he shoots all his YouTube videos… And speaking of which, Alex announced on 11 March that he was even considering letting his YouTube Channel “die” so that he can focus on being a CEO for his software company – so it’s uncertain what the future holds where Alex Becker and his eCommerce training is concerned.

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