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Course Review: Advanced Divergence Training Course – ASFX – Trading

ASFX Beginner Training Course

I have spent the last five years actively trading the Forex market and coaching traders from all over the world on how to use my trading systems.
This course is the condensed and simplified version of how I am making money trading in the Forex Market every day.
“90% of traders lose 90% of their trading account within their first 90 days”
Do you know why this old saying still holds true?
It’s simple – The majority of new traders are all making the same mistake of not investing in proper education before they start trading.
Most traders will fund their first account, jump into the market head first, and smack their face on the bottom of the pool because they spent zero time on education.
You’re here because you want to change your financial future.
If you’re audacious enough to ask for such a massive privilege, how could you expect to achieve it without an education?
Don’t be foolish, you’ll fail before you even begin.
You may be confused as to why traders lack proper education because there are hundreds of Forex education courses out there.
Today’s tech savvy world has opened the floodgates for people who look for shortcuts which creates a huge problem.
These “gurus” or “mentors” use social media to create and market courses with elementary information that has been repeated over and over again.
They push their service as a tool to get you to financial freedom without ever teaching you the skills that actually transform average humans into profitable trading machines.
You’re reading this because of the potential you see in Forex trading, so ask yourself…“if trading is valuable enough to change my life, is it really going to come to me as easy as the online marketer standing next to the rented Lambo is telling me it will?”
I’ll save you the time… the answer is no.
Hard work is required if freedom is what you’re searching for.
There are no shortcuts.
Instead of searching for the “holy grail”, focus your time and effort on learning how to become self sufficient in the market.
You don’t need signals.
You don’t need handouts.
You need solid education and that is what this course is going to bring you.

Course Topics

  • The History Of The Forex Market
  • Speaking The Language Of The Forex Market
  • Reading Fundamental Analysis
  • Proper Technical Chart Analysis Techniques
  • Two Different Entry & Exit Strategies with exact signals
  • A Profitable Risk Management Approach

ASFX Advanced Divergence Training Course

The new advanced course is hands down the best course yet. There are a ton of markups on there that show you what you want to look for, and what you want to avoid when taking your trades.
With this advanced system, now You can spot opportunities left and right without the need for a traditional entry.

This course is also far different than other course, even other advanced courses, because youre actually expanding your playbook, not just repeating what you learned in the beginner course, but with more content and strategy.
The Roadmap For This Course
To start, we will first review the A1 System – quickly!
This IS NOT a beginner course.
But its important to make sure we are speaking the same language before we dive deeper down the DIVERGENCE rabbit hole.
We spend time reviewing recent trades by breaking down the thought process of each entry and exit.
Looking at winning and losing trades will ensure we are speaking the same language going into the rest of the course.
After the A1 System Review, we will learn how to identify & draw Divergence.
Mastering the basics and gaining more understanding of what divergence on the chart is truly telling us.
Once we know what it is and where to find it, we will practice drawing Divergence.
D1 Entry & Exit System
Now that we laid a solid foundation, we can dive head first into the D1 Entry System.
The D1 is an In-Trend, Pullback signal
In this section you will gain a clear understanding of how to identify and trade profitable risk/reward opportunities.
You will learn how to

  • Identify a potential D1 entry
  • Measure risk/reward for potential trade setups
  • Interpret factors of probability so you can properly grade a potential trade
  • Use multiple time frames to confirm or deny an entry
  • Use the D1 System checklist before you take a trade
    D2 Entry & Exit System
    The D2 is a Counter-Trend, Reversal signal
    This includes
  • Details on how to identify and measure counter trend risk/reward opportunities
  • Understanding of the exact parameters that factor into the probabilities of your trades
  • Clear-cut entry and exit systems
  • The D2 System checklist

Download link will be provided once payment is made!

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