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Course Review: 7 Days To Breaking Up With Sugar by Eric Edmeades

Most people think I am ultra healthy, but sugar is my reward and comfort. It’s there when I am feeling down, bored, happy, you name it, sugar goes with it for me.

But sugar isn’t always so sweet anymore. I have very little freedom around it. I constantly fight cravings and often just give in. I suspect my sugar intake for ongoing inflammation issues. I have 10 lbs that, even while training for a 10k, won’t budge. So, the week before my 50th birthday, I am breaking up with sugar.

It’s not you, it’s me. Really, you’ve been great. Always there when I needed you, but I still have feelings for my health.

In the past, I have successfully removed sugar from my diet. Doing so helped me to lose weight and was an important factor in curing my perioral dermatitis (POD), but knowing I should do something and doing it, are not the same. I desperately want to give up sugar, but without an embarrassing rash to motivate me, I need some outside help.

Enter Eric Edmeades of WildFit and his mini-quest, “7 days to Breaking Up with Sugar”. A challenge to “end your sugar dependency and forever change your relationship with food.”

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