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Course Review: 66 Texts That Make Her Chase You for Sex – Andrew Ryan

The GoodVery informative product that takes complications that arise from texting and offers real world, applicable solutions. Many examples are displayed throughout the product so as to show the relevance of the techniques. Almost all of the techniques are likely to get positive reactions from women.
The course content is based on concepts that are used in real life like teasing, flirting etc. Learning the techniques in the course may make you more socially adept when talking to women in real life also.

The BadThe course content is slightly disorganized, a beginner may not understand the value of the techniques and when they’re applicable. This all relates to calibration, and the product assumes the reader has calibration as it does not tell the reader when specific techniques should be used for maximum effect.
The course also assumes a playful/dominant style of game. Those who aren’t accustomed to this style may find difficulty executing the content in this product.

The Bottom LineThis is a product that is largely insightful on the art of texting. You are almost guaranteed to improve your results if your text game is considered your sticking point. You will begin to spot patterns over text and begin to implement these texts without even thinking.
66 Texts also teaches you how to approach a woman online, attract her and get her to meet up in person. A lot of the text examples shown are for situations where you’d be messaging a woman via an online dating site or app, or even social media.

This is a very practical product that focuses on showing you what texts to send women, rather than spending time on theory. If you want a simple, straight-to-the-point resource on how to attract women via text so they meet up with you, this is worth checking out. If you want something more comprehensive with live video and presentations, How2TxtHer by Christian Hudson is the top texting program we recommend.

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