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Course Review: 24 Hours of Love or Above

Love or Above was created by Christie Marie Sheldon, the same woman who created Unlimited Abundance. I really enjoyed Unlimited Abundance, so I wanted to see if Love or Above was the same type of program, better, or worse. In the end, I think it can have the same result as Unlimited Abundance, but it just teaches you to go after it in a different way. It’s not focused on eliminating limiting beliefs like Unlimited Abundance. Instead, it’s focused on moving yourself into a state of love or above, where you are happier and more capable of naturally getting rid of those limiting beliefs.

The program is labeled as a ‘spiritual toolkit’ that will help you get things like ‘flawless health’, ‘blissful relationships’, and ‘outstanding success’. In short, Christie says she’s going to teach you everything to help you get the life of your dreams. Sounds good, right?

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