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Course Review: 12 Dimensions of Mastery (Lifebook Challenge)

I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating strategies to improve my life, both my experience of life and what I’m able to make happen in this world. I’ve been blessed to have spent a significant amount of time with a number of world class mentors and coaches including Tony Robbins, Dr. Lou Stolis, and the 7 Habits Inside Prison team. But one of the most valuable things I’ve done recently is go through Jon Butcher’s LifeBook program.

Lifebook is simple, unique and incredibly valuable. Michael Gerber in E-Myth makes the vital distinction between working in your business and working on your business. Jon Butcher makes that same distention about our lives we MUST work ON our lives, not just live them!

“Lifebook” is about creating a master plan for your life, with enough detail, purpose, vision and strategy to make every area of your life rock. If you are in business you have to spend time being strategic, thinking about your business, defining your vision, clarifying your goals, developing strategies to make it all happen and finally honing the tactics to make those strategies a reality. And in our personal lives. . . we’ll most of us totally wing it! How crazy is that? How many of us have a written plan for every area of our lives? I do now, and it really really helps.

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